Oracle Application Testing Suite – OTM issue (License file not found on server)

Have you seen this error in OTM (Oracle Test Manager) ie OATS tool Test Manager component

License file not found on server, please contact Oracle Test Manager administrator for further assistance.

When I faced this issue, I struggled lot for weeks to get rd of this, my work was completely stopped.

This suddunly happens one day without any prior notification . After weeks of searching and breaking head I figured out what is causing OTM to throw this error.

You can notice “Database” field is empty, OTM not able to detect OTM data base. This happens when data base password is expired.  Yes OTM defaualt data base OATS/OTM/OLT user default password provided while installation has got expired.

Now how to get rid of this error? . for this you need to reset the password for user OATS/OTM/OLT user password

Steps to Reset 11g Data base password from SQL Plus using SYS admin

Note : You need to reset three user password OTM, OLT and OATS


  1. Launch SQL from Run(Run SQL from Command line)

  1. Type  conn sys/Welcome1 as sysdba  (Note: sys is default database system admin user, its password you could have stored while OATS installation)
  2. Type alter user OATS identified by Welcome1; (note : Welcome1 was my password, give which you gave while installation or any new password)


  1. Same repeat for all three users


Now refresh OTM Url ie http://localhost:8088/otm or your OTM server

Error will go and you can able to login successfully.

Let me know in below comments if you face any issues

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