Oracle Application Testing Suite Interview Questions


Oracle Application Testing suite most often called Open Script, ATS, OATS etc

OATS is predominantly used for automating Oracle Application in Industry how ever it can be used for web based software’s. Now a days its gaining popularity hence we thought list down some of the Important Interview Questions interview might ask candidates.

1.What is OATS?

Answer: OATS stands for Oracle Application Testing Suite is a Automation tool provided by Oracle . OATS is packaged automation testing tool consist of below components

a.Functional Testing(ATS)

b.Oracle Testing Manager(OTM)

c.Load Testing

2. OATS is free to Use?

Answer: NO, its licensed product however it is free for organisation which uses Oracle Enterprise Business Suite(Oracle EBS)

Please find below link for Tool License Costs

3. What Language is used in Tool for Automation?

Answer: JAVA (Tool is build on top of Eclipse IDE hence JAVA language is used automation)

4. What type of Applications can be Automated using OATS?


Web based, Oracle EBS, Siebel, Fusion Applications,

Adobe Flex, Oracle JD Edwards Enterprise One,

any Java Based Application

5. Explain how do we Automate in Manual Test in OATS?


Step1: Analyze Manual Test case

Step2: Design Script – Write re-usable Functions-

Step3: Debug and Execute

6. What are the Browsers it is Supported?


7. How OATS detects Objects?


8. What is Object Properties?


9. When new script is created what are the files get created in script folder?


10. Is OATS supports Object Identification like QTP?


11. What is the Typical OATS script x path looks like or Explain how OATS identifies objects?


12. How to Change properties of object?


13.Is OATS supported Descriptive programming


14. What type of Framework can be used in OAT?


15.Webservice Testig supported?


16. How to handle page load events? or How to write wait method when for new page loading?


17. How to get runtime values ?


18. What is the use of Inspect path?


19. What is OTM?


20. How to run script from OTM


21.Can we get email report on execution completed on OTM?


22. Can we perform parallel execution?


23. is OATS can be integrated with HP Quality Center?


24. How run script on specific time without manual intervention?

25. What is .jwg file , what is the use of it?

26. Where results files are stored?

27. How to pass and fail step?

28. Can we capture screenshot while script under run using JAVA coding?

29. Can we perform remote execution in OATS?

30.How to connect Data base in OATS

31. What is Databank?

32.In what scenario data bank is used?

33. How to read external excel sheet?

34. IS OATS supports regular expressions?

35. Can we re-use already written script in another script?

36. How to call existing script in new Script ?

37. How to Import Jar files?

38. What is Sync Time ?

39.Where to define Sync time?

40.Where to change browser settings?

41. OATS Supports Load Tesing?

42.How to perform Load Testing using OATS?

43. IS it free to Use Load Tetsing?

44.Can we perform Load Testing of Stand alone and Webbased software in OATS?

45. Where to update No of Virtual user to perform Load Test?

44. How to run Load script for Specific time frame?

46.What are the Graphs are available in LOAD Testing module

47.How to Improve performance of software using OATS Load Test module

48. Can OTM supports LOAD Test Execution?

49. Can I use Functional Test and convert them for Load Testing?

50. What is Oracle Flow Builder?