Oracle Application Testing Suite- OTM 404 Error Fixing

Hello Everyone

In this blog we will see how to fix Oracle Test Manger 404 Error fixing


Solution 1 :Restart three ATS Services

a. Oracle ATS Helper
b. Oracle ATS Agent
c. Oracle ATS Server

keep Oracle ATS Agent alone —- Launch mode as Under Properties–>Launch Mode Type –>Automatic


Solution 2: (Redeploy OATS.ear application)


Step 1: Login to http://localhost:8088/console

Usr id: oats

Pass: given at the time of OATS installation


Step2 : Navigate to Deployments


Note: If the Status is ACTIVE , then we are good your OTM url should work fine (http://localhost:8088/otm)

If health is ok and you not able t login to OTM, then redeploy/restart application ,it will give error


Re-install from location



All the best



If still Deployment give error, probably your DB password got expired, here i have given steps how to reset password;

How to Reset when DB user OATS/OTM/OLT  passwords expired


Let me know in comments if you guys face any issues.

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