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What is Rally?

Rally is a leading global provider of enterprise-class software and services solutions to drive business agility.

It is one of the best agile management software in Industry, with built in feature
1. User story management
2. Team tasks
3. Test case management
4. Defect management
5. Product backlog
6. Inbuilt reports
7. Custom HTML report etc

Rally comes with many inbuilt report but most of the case projects or team need to create there own Custom report

What is Rally Custome HTML Report?

Using Rally SDK with Node Js software we can create rally app and deploy same in Rally report section.

The Custom HTML

Steps for performing HTML report Setup:

1.Launch Rally url

2.Click on Reports tab

3.Click +icon

4.Give Report Name <QA  Sprint Status>

5.Click on Save

6.New Page will come up , Click on Start Adding Apps

7.Left Side” href=”https://help.rallydev.com/glossary#app”> Select <Custom HTML>

8.Click Add Apps

9.Give Some Valid Name and Add HTML code

10 Click Save



















View Added Source Code

  1. Click the gear menu icon at top of the app title bar, then select the View Source option.
  2. From the pop-up window, click the Select All icon to highlight the app code.
  3. Copy the highlighted code by right-clicking and selecting Copy, or use the cmd+c shortcut on your keyboard.
  4. Paste the code into a new Custom HTML app or editor and make your changes


More Tutorials to come in this blog






Some Video’s From Agile CA Central -Rally Tool

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