Rally Custom HTM Report- User Story Status with Pass/Fail/No run and Defect status

In previous blog we have seen some information about Custom HTML , In this blog we will see one of the Important and beneficial Rally Custom HTML Report for Scrum Team.

Check the below Image, It fetches User Stories in From Sprint with Number of Test cases with Links and its status
Features of the report
1. List of User Story from Sprint/Iteration
2. Number of Test cases from each User story
3. Test Case execution status Pass/Fail/No run
4. Defect against Each User story
5. Defect with link and its status

Best Useful for Below Roles:
1.Scrum team bird eye view on Iteration progress
2. Scrum Masters to track progress 3
3. Testers to showcase the test case execution status and completion status
4. Developers can quickly check defects and work on the same


HTML Report



Download HTML Code here


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